Table of Contents and Sample Chapters

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  1. The Dominant Political Party

  2. The Wisdom of Crowds

  3. The Coming Democratic Revolution

  4. The Liberal Party and the National Interest

  5. Delegates and Rotten Boroughs

  6. Prime Ministerial Power 101

  7. How to Become Prime Minister of Britain

  8. UK Labour Endorses Democracy

  9. How to Become Prime Minister of Canada

  10. How to Become President of the United States

  11. Why the Party Room Ballot is Broken

  12. Membership Election of Parliamentary Leaders

  13. Senate and Upper House Conventions

  14. Preselections? Plebiscites? No — Primaries!

  15. Annual Electorate Conventions

  16. State Council and Federal Council

  17. How Many Conventions Can a Member Attend?

  18. Fundraising

  19. Media Policy

  20. A Unilateral Declaration to the National Party

  21. Australian Labor Party Reform

  22. Local Council Elections

  23. Young Liberals

  24. Campus Liberals

  25. Why Didn’t Menzies Democratise?

  26. What’s Next? Operation 100,000